Nano-robotic Manipulation and Bio-assembly Laboratory​​

  • MBE2036: Engineering Computing


  • 3D printed micro swimming robot  


  • Visible-light induced Biochip for 3D Cell Assembly  
  • Human motion sensing for intelligent robot control


  • Magic Box for Remote Non-contact Operation
  • Automatic Watchhand Alignment based on Micro Robot

Final Year Project

  • GE2320: Robotics in our life

    This course aims to present an overview of the applications of robots as related to our life. The main objectives of the course are: to understand the breadth of the application of robots, to study the areas of robot applications that best suit students’ interests and that can be found in our daily life, and to develop the skills in individual thinking and teamwork work through project work.


    The aim of this course is to provide students with the understanding of the operating principles and applications of mechatronic actuation systems, their feedback control, and power supply. The emphasis is on power electronics and hydraulics. Students will have the opportunity to discover and innovate in these domains.

  • MBE3112: Actuators and Power Electronics

    The course aims to equip students with the fundamental principles of engineering modelling and computation. The objectives of the course are to develop skills for formulating engineering problems into mathematical models and to study numerical methods for solving the former.